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Rebuild your vacuum pump and save money


RotoVacuum pumps are one of the hardest working items on a GC-MSD.  Constant wear and tear can cause leaks which then affect instrument performance.  If your vacuum pump is leaking oil, let ASAP Analytical repair your defective pump and save you money in the process.  All vacuum pumps sent in for repair are completely disassembled, cleaned and evaluated before being returned. Rebuilt vacuum pumps carry a 2-year warranty from date of installation and can save customer up to 50% when compared to the price of new.  Service typically takes between 20-30 days plus shipping.  Customers looking for a more rapid turnaround can purchase refurbished vacuum pumps directly from ASAP Analytical.


ASAP Analytical services most brands, types, and models of vacuum pumps including:

  • Dry
  • Rotary Vane
  • Rotary Piston
  • Roots-type Blowers
  • Schroll
  • Turbo
  • Turbo Controllers
  • Cryogenic
  • Diffusion 
  • Leak Detectors



Partial List of Brands Serviced:

Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer Leybold
Anest Iwata Pfeiffer
Balzers Roots
Brooks/CTI Seiko
Busch Stokes
CTI Ulvac
CVC Varian
Danielson Leybold/Inficon
Ebara Osaka
Edwards Vacuubrand
Hanbell Varian
Kashiyama Veeco/VIC
Kinney Welch


Current Inventory

Part Number: Vacuum Pump Repair
Description: Edwards E2M 1.5 Vacuum Pump
Manufacturer: Edwards
COO: England
Condition: Refurbished
Cost: $1,195


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