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Custom/OEM FTIR Spectroscopy Solution (IRE-1)

The IRE-1 Engine is an FTIR solution designed and manufactured for your application. Based on the IRD 3, a dedicated vapor phase GC-IR detector with over 25 years of market success, the IRE-1 has a proven track record not typically found in new products. The IRE-1 will assist customers with the development of conceptual spectrometers and with the modernization of existing FTIR spectrometers.

  • Designed and built for your application
  • Small footprint
  • Mid-IR and Near-IR configurations
  • High-performance electronics
  • USB interface
  • Complete data analysis software



The IRE-1 consists of specific hardware items that act as a foundation that can be expanded or subtracted based on the needs of the customer. The standard hardware in the IRE-1 is as follows.

  • Proprietary air-cooled conical infrared source designed to simulate a true black body and maximum emissivity of mid, far and near-infrared energy
  • Michelson interferometer with automatic, computer controlled alignment, digital servo loop for accurate control of mirror velocity, voice coil magnet drive with diaphragm bearing
  • HeNe laser reference: 633nm 
  • State of the art electronics designed to take full advantage of the technology developed to support today’s high-performance audio marketplace
  • Optical baseplate
  • Purge cover
  • IR detectors, sampling mirrors and accessories, Essential FTIR Software and custom designs are optional


System Configuration

Block Diagram

Performance Specifications

Wavenumber accuracy: 0.01 cm-1
Spectral range:
8,000 – 400 cm-1 KBr beamsplitter (standard)
6,000 – 600 cm-1 ZnSe (optional)
12,000 – 1,800 cm-1 CaF2 (optional)
Resolution: 2 cm-1
Moving mirror velocity: 7.5 KHz, 15 KHz, 25 KHz
Moving mirror servo referenced to HeNe laser with ±0.2% stability  
Signal to noise ratio: 20,000 to 1 (one minute measurement time)
Single beam repeatable noise less than random noise
Bi-directional and double-sided interferograms


Mechanical Specifications

Source mirror: 90o off-axis short focal length paraboloids
Detectors: DTGS and MCT (both optional)
System throughput optimized for 1mm detector and 2 cm-1 resolution
Purge: Sealed and desiccated or nitrogen purge
Dimensions: 5” h (12.7cm) x 12.15” w (30.9cm) x 12.25” l (31.2cm)
Operating orientation: System performs in any orientation with L axis horizontal
Power requirements: 110V 50/60 Hz, 3 Amp
Operating Temperature: 10o to 50oC



IRE-1 Product Datasheet