Detectors, Inlets and Services for Gas Chromatography

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Services and Rates

ASAP Analytical offers a full range of service options to keep expensive laboratory instruments up and running. Our services include onsite repair, bench/depot repairs, service contracts and qualifications. We focus on both gas and liquid chromatography as well as liquid autosamplers, mass specs, and vacuum pumps. To extend the life of old instrumentation, we offer computer and hardware upgrades.

We focus on HP/Agilent and Hitachi instrumentation. If you don’t see your instrument listed, please call, and we will be more than happy to discuss.
Agilent 6890 Agilent 1100 HP 5970 I HP 7673 All HP + Agilent Models
Agilent 6850 Agilent 1200 HP 5971 II Agilent 7683  
Agilent 7890 Agilent 1260 HP 5972 3 GC PAL  
HP 5890 Hitachi 7000 Agilent 5973   Combi PAL  
Shimadzu Hitachi 2000 Agilent 5975   Gerstel MPS 2  
  Hitachi Primaide Agilent 5977      

Service Agreements

Our service agreements are designed to fit your budget and your specific needs.  Our base service agreement includes one PM visit, a discount on consumables, FREE phone support and 72-hour response.  For more thorough instrument coverage our Partial service plan comprises quicker response and all travel + labor.  Our Full Coverage option contains one PM visit + all travel, labor, and replacement parts.  
Standard Partial Full
1x PM Visit 1x PM Visit 1x PM Visit
Consumable Discount Consumable Discount Consumable Discount
FREE Phone Support FREE Phone Support FREE Phone Support
72 Hour Response 48 Hour Response 48 Hour Response
Onsite Rate Based on Location Includes Travel + Labor Includes Travel + Labor + Repair Parts
If system validation is required Operational Qualification (OQ) can be added to any level of service agreement.  

Time and Material Rates

Travel zone charges are for domestic service including travel expenses and one hour of on-site service.

Geography Greater Cincinnati Ohio, Kentucky + Indiana Rest of USA
Travel $350 $525 $750
Additional Hour $190 $190 $190
Additional hours billed in half-hour increments.

Pre-Paid Service Hours

Pricing is based on published labor rates, and discounts increase as you purchase more hours.  Hours can be used for any onsite repair and expire after 12 months.  Parts not included.  


10 Hours: $1805
20 Hours: $3420
30 Hours: $4,845
40 Hours: $6,080
50 Hours: Call for a Quotation

Preventative Maintenance

ASAP Analytical provides preventative maintenance (PM) solutions that are designed to increase reliability and production and decrease downtime and repair costs. Repairs can be addressed during a PM visit without the need for scheduling repairs at a later date. All PM visits include a set list of consumable items, travel, labor and post service performance evaluation.

On-site Service

For customers with instruments not under a service contract that need speedy on-demand service, we offer affordable travel and onsite rates. All parts used during service are billed at currently published rates. There is no minimum hourly charge.

Bench/Depot Repair

For customers without a need for rapid on-demand service. Bench/depot repair is the best and most cost-effective option.  This service option is best used for modules such as liquid autosamplers, vacuum pumps and HPLC detectors.  The defective instrument is shipped to the ASAP Analytical facility in Covington, KY and returned upon completion of repair.  Loaners are available for most items during the period that ASAP Analytical has the customers instrument.