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NYPD Crime Lab installs GC-IR-MS solution

June 15, 2016 / GC-IR / Source: ASAP Analytical

Covington KY, June 15 , 2016

ASAP Analytical of Covington, KY, a world-wide leader in vapor phase FTIR technology, announced today they have successfully installed an IRD 3 at the NYPD Crime Lab in Jamaica, NY.

The IRD 3 will be combined with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS) technology to create a high productivity system for the identification of unknown drugs of abuse. The system will incorporate two autosampler towers, two inlets and two capillary columns, one dedicated to the IRD 3 and one to the MS. This approach will speed up the ability to process samples.

J. Tyler Harris, President of ASAP Analytical was quoted as stating, "Configuring the IRD 3 with a GC-MS creates a complete instrument that can increase productivity and more accurate identification of unknown drugs of abuse."

ASAP Analytical is a family-owned manufacturer, distributor and service provider of analytical instrumentation. Since 1999, ASAP Analytical has been at the forefront of both vapor phase FTIR and large volume injections for gas chromatography.