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Vapor Phase Infrared Detector (IRD 3)

Molecular Identification for Gas Chromatography

The IRD 3 is designed from the chromatographer’s point-of-view and is the only analytical infrared instrument that combines the separating power of the Gas Chromatograph with the molecular identification of FTIR.

IRD Picture - IRD3


  • Vapor phase FTIR for use with GC
  • Low maintenance with no moving parts
  • Smallest footprint available saves bench space
  • IRD 3 software interfaces with GC software
  • Single sequence table operates the entire GC-IRD system


The IRD 3 is the perfect tool for the chromatographer looking to obtain more information about unknown samples. Using a heated light pipe flow cell, the sample is kept in the vapor phase while interacting with IR. This allows the molecules to freely rotate in a low energy environment. Keeping the molecular geometry in tack during analysis provides a unique and highly reproducible spectra.

A major innovation of the IRD 3 is the noise reduction or Hirschfeld advantage. It states, to maximize instrument sensitivity, one should reduce noise rather than increase signal. To implement this theory, the light pipe internal diameter of 1mm matches the 1mm cavity in the IRD’s infrared light source to obtain a concentrated energy flux.

Features and Benefits


  • Runs on Windows 8.1 64-bits
  • Coordination with GC Control Software allows for single start button
  • Single sequence table runs both IRD and GC
  • Sequence tables cans be modified after starting to analyze urgent samples
  • Data snap shots can be taken before runs complete
  • Computer chromatographic data can be filtered based on functional group
  • Numerous vapor phase libraries


  • Small footprint only H 19.3” x W 8.3” x D 26”
  • GC-IRD-MSD allows for a single injection producing complementary data
  • Low maintenance, long life consumables, no vacuum pump or moving parts
  • Easy to use because the hardware is designed for the chromatographer


  • Highest sensitivity MCT available
  • Pseudo black body IR source
  • Long life HeNe Laser
  • Capillary flow cell with heaters
  • Interferometer with beamsplitter by Spectral Systems


A truly unique feature of the IRD 3 is the ability to seamlessly interface with an Agilent GC-MS. GC-IRD-MS is powerful complementary combination of techniques for determining the exact identity of your sample. Unlike GC-MS alone, GC-IRD-MS can not only determine the identity from ion data, but can also determine structural information from the IR data. The unbeatable combination of complementary techniques can provide you the ultimate confirmatory information.

  • Controlled by a single PC
  • IRD software is designed to integrate with GC software
  • Single sequence table to run both the IRD and the GC.


The IRD 3 incorporates two pieces of software one to acquire data and one to analyze data. The acquisition portion, ASIC, contains the features needed to build IRD methods, calibrate the IRD optical path and start single runs and sequences. ASIC seamlessly works with GC control software so that only one start button needs to be pushed to initiate data collection. This simple feature eliminates user error by removing the need to import/export sequence information or the need to start runs by pushing a button in two software’s.
The data analysis portion of the software is done in Essential FTIR. This full featured software makes the task of analyzing data quick and easy. Simply load an acquired chromatographic file, pick a peak of interest, view the spectra and library search the results. With over 10,000 spectra available in four libraries, identification of unknowns is not problem on the IRD 3.


2,3 2,4 3,4-DMMC
2,3 – 3,4 – MDPV
Unknown Forensic Sample
Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine
Synthetic Cannabinoids
Chemical Precursors
Cis Trans Isomers
Fluoromethcathinone Isomers
Forensic Application Notebook
Aromatic Substitution Isomers
Aromatics in Petroleum
Minor Components in Coriander Oil
Application Briefs
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Ring Isomers
Industrial Solvents
Ring Junctions


IRD 3 Product Brochure
IRD 3 Product Datasheet